Chet’s has a large selection of used tires suitable for automobiles and light trucks.
Our used tires are typically sourced from end of life vehicles during the dismantling process. All tires are thoroughly safety inspected before being offered for sale.
We offer only two grades, GOOD and BEST. Good is defined as a tread depth of 4/32” up to 7/32”. Best is described as a tread depth of 7/32” or more.
Tires may be purchased as singles, pairs, and sets. Prices start at $25 each. We can dispose of your old tires for $5 each.
For now, tires are cash and carry, but Chet’s Automotive Service Center is slated to open during the third quarter of 2018, where installation will be available for a reasonable fee.
New tires will also be available at a substantial discount. Call 203-787-2532 for more information.
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